EasyCaptcha.php, for phpBB 2/3

What it is

An improved captcha for phpBB 2 and 3, which is easy to install and blocks spammers effectively.

How it works

EasyCaptcha is a simple, portable captcha which is easy to add in anywhere a captcha is needed. This page is a guide to installing it in the common places it's needed (you don't need to know about EasyCaptcha to install and use it).

Features/What sets it apart

Live installations: HITB forum and phpDip developers.




Warning! phpBB3's captcha system significantly changed in phpBB 3.0.6; the instructions below will not work on phpBB 3.0.6+.
In phpB 3.0.6+ there is a built in captcha module system, which allows a series of decent captcha options to choose from. I have gone with reCaptcha, since it is the easiest to set up (it uses the same principal as EasyCaptcha, with the added bonus that Google hosts it, and it comes with phpBB, which makes the guide below obsolete for any version of phpBB above 3.0.6.