Game of Life for the Casio Color Power Graphic Calculator

This program is a simple Conway's Game of Life for Casio Graphic calculators.


Create matrix A and B, both 9x23. In matrix B enter the starting pattern; 1 is alive, 0 is dead.

Once you start the program it'll start processing from cycle to cycle. It takes ~30 seconds per cycle.

To stop it without messing up the pattern stop it while the current pattern is being draw, not while it's being processed.


The -> represents the arrow under the red 'L' on your calculator, the one that assigns values to variables. The represents the operator which executes the instruction to its right only if the instruction to its left equates to 1. (PRGM>JUMP>=>)
The whole program takes up 718 bytes, and could be cut down by cutting out the text and optimizing the code. The NOT= (used only once) represents the 'not equal' sign (the equal sign with a cross through it). (PRGM>REL>)

0 -> Z
Lbl 1
Z=0 ? Mat B -> Mat A
For 1->Y To 7
For 1->X To 21
If Z:Then Mat A[Y,X]+Mat A[Y,X+1]+Mat A[Y,X+2]+Mat A[Y+1,X]+Mat A[Y+1,X+2]+Mat A[Y+2,X]+Mat A[Y+2,X+1]+Mat A[Y+2,X+2] -> N
If N <= 1 Or N >= 4:Then 0 -> Mat B[Y+1,X+1]:IfEnd
If N = 3:Then 1 -> Mat B[Y+1,X+1]:IfEnd
If N = 2:Then Mat A[Y+1,X+1]->Mat B[Y+1,X+1]:IfEnd
If Z = 0:Then Mat B[Y+1,X+1] ? Locate X,Y,"*":IfEnd
1-Z -> Z
Goto 1